Extend The Life Of Your Air Conditioner With Regular Service

Regular maintenance is an essential part of the HVAC system in your home, and your family cannot remain comfortable in the summer without a working air conditioner. The air conditioner in your house is a complicated piece of equipment that can only be serviced by a certified technician. This article explains how our business provides the finest customer service, and you will see the personal stake we have in your satisfaction.

#1: When Was Your AC Last Inspected?

The air conditioner in your home must be inspected at least once a year. Quarterly inspections are preferable, and a licensed technician must have a look at your system. Our service appointments start with a full inspection of each unit. The front panel on the unit is removed, and every inner part of the AC unit is checked for problems. There are several small parts inside your air conditioner that can be repaired on the spot, and we send each technician with those parts for quick service.

Larger problems that are discovered in your air conditioner must be repaired immediately, and our technicians recommend repairs during your appointment. You may schedule a follow-up appointment at any time, and we return to your home when the time is right. You will be spared more expensive repairs in the future, and we will update you on the status of your unit during every visit.

#2: When Should Your Inspections Occur?

We recommend you schedule air conditioner maintenance at the beginning of the spring. You must have the unit looked at before you run the air every day, and we will check on your unit in the middle of winter. Large AC units that are left to sit for long periods of time tend to break down, and we can help you avoid problems with the unit when the temperatures rise outside.

#3: How Long Will Your Air Conditioner Last?

A proper air conditioning unit can last for decades with proper maintenance, but we must come to your often to ensure the unit is working. Allowing the AC to run for years at a time without a service will cut into the life of your unit, and we will note the deterioration of your system during our visits. Our technicians can estimate how long your AC unit will last, and we do not recommend replacement unless your system is far beyond repair.

#4: Our Commitment To Customer Service

Our family-owned business is committed to customer service, and we want you o be satisfied after every service visit. Let us know if you have trouble during your appointments, and we will remedy the problem as quickly as possible. Our service appointments help you save money on maintenance in the future, and we only repair what has gone wrong in your system. We never attempt to sell you services you do not need, and we offer several options for each repair. You choose the repair option that works best for you, and we keep our maintenance appointments faithfully.