You may have seen HVAC companies boast they are NATE certified bu what does that actually mean for the customer? For starters NATE which stands for North American Technician Excellence, and is a non-profit organization that was created by, operated by and owned by members of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry.

NATE Certified technicians have all gone through a rigorous training course and must pass a tough final exam, that will have applicants solving real-world problems and demonstrating their working knowledge of HVAC systems. These tests have been created by a group of industry experts. This group known as the NATE technical committee, is also responsible for overseeing the KATE exams. KATE exams, short for Knowledge Areas of Technician Expertise, the individual tests are created to satisfy the requirements of manufacturers, utilities, educators and contractors.
There are specialties covered with NATE exams for 21 different areas. The specialty areas include Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps, Gas Furnaces, Oil Furnaces, Air distribution, Hydronics Oil, Hydronics, Gas and more.

As part of becoming a Bryant Dealer, the technicians of Mahle Inc., Cool Air and Heating have all gone through the rigorous NATE Certification process and we are proud to say are all NATE Certified Technicians.
Because NATE is a not-for-profit organization and it has shown it's self to maintain only the highest standards, NATE is recognized and supported by many influential partners including, utility companies, AC manufacturers like Bryant, and NATE Certification is recommended by Consumer Reports and the EPA.

For a consumer, having a NATE Certified technician working on your home AC or heat pump gives them the confidence that this technician will have the skills, experience and qualifications to finish any AC repair or new installation with 100% customer satisfaction.

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